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KS3 Time to grow - Photosynthesis infographic

Resource overview

KS 3
10 mins
Invite your pupils to explore photosynthesis with this infographic.

Topics covered

photosynthesis, plant reproduction

How to use this resource

  1. Display the infographic on your whiteboard for a whole class approach or print for pupils to read independently. 
  2. You could use these infographics as part of a classroom display.  


While plants are growing and surviving, they do move, whether that’s their stems growing taller, their leaves moving to follow the light or their seeds exploding out of pods. 

Most of the time this movement is so slow that we can’t see it, but we can use cameras to help us reveal the secret life of plants. 

Explore plant growth and movement through film.

Get more out of this resource by starting the challenge

Give your key stage 3 pupils a challenge to release their inner Attenborough and explore plant growth and movement through film.

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