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KS 3 Challenges

11 - 14 years old

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Our Endeavour challenges guide your pupils through an in-depth project over a series of lessons.

KS3 Kew the question - Why plants matter

Why are plants so important? Pupils will hone their research and debate skills whilst exploring the 100 Plant Science Questions.
plant science, ecology/ecosystems, conservation and sustainability

Win £1000 Competition: KS3 Secret life of trees

What role do trees play in an ecosystem and how can we tell different species apart? Pupils will become more familiar with the trees in their local area and create a guide to some of their favourite trees.
plant science, ecology/ecosystems
Competition challenge

KS3 Evolve and adapt

How will plants in the future have evolved in response to climate change? Pupils will explore plant evolution then design a plant with adaptations for survival in a future affected by climate change. 
evolution and adaptation, environment

KS3 Time to grow

How do plants grow and change over time? Pupils will explore plant life cycles, then make a timelapse or slow-motion film showcasing an aspect of plant growth or movement.
pollination and seed dispersal, plant science

KS3 Kew the question - Sustainability

What does sustainability mean? Pupils will explore what we can do to make sure everyone can buy and use things sustainably, then deliver a presentation on this topic.
sustainability, global goals

KS3 Climate action

What can we do to protect our planet? Pupils will learn about UN Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate action, then deliver a presentation outlining what they can do to help tackle climate change.
biodiversity, global goals, conservation and sustainability, climate change

KS3 Super seeds and funky flowers

How do flowers attract pollinators and how do seeds spread? Pupils will discover the clever ways plants are adapted for reproduction, then design their own imaginary flower or seed.
pollination and seed dispersal, plant science

KS3 Travel tips

What information do plant hunters need before an expedition? Pupils will find out about plant collecting expeditions, then produce a map and fact file to assist plant hunters in their work.
geography, science careers, plant science, environment, conservation and sustainability, climate change

KS3 Kew scientist

How can plants help restore the world’s habitats? Pupils will explore what causes soil erosion then investigate which plants could be used to restore eroded areas.
biodiversity, plant science, lab and fieldwork, conservation and sustainability, climate change

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