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Endeavour Competition Challenges

Guide your pupils through an in-depth project, inspiring them to tackle challenges such as creating a guidebook on trees in their local area or investigating the role of photosynthetic pigments in leaves.

Competitions are open!

You could win £1000 to spend on science resources for your school. Enter by 28th June 2024.


 ‘The best thing about the Endeavour challenge was bringing Biology to life in a way that ties into the syllabus but also in a way that may directly affect the pupils in years to come.'- KS5 teacher, winner of Evolve and adapt

What does an Endeavour competition challenge involve?

Our Endeavour challenges develop pupils’ scientific knowledge over a series of lessons. 

Each challenge has a set of interactive resources to introduce a topic to pupils.  

Pupils can take the challenge alone, in groups, in class or as a homework activity. 

Try an Endeavour challenge and take your pupils on a plant hunter expedition, an investigation into plants used in medicine, an exploration of habitats under threat… and much, much more.   

Get inspired!

Take a look at some of our favourite competition submissions from previous years and inspire your pupils.

“From start to finish, I greatly enjoyed participating in last year's sustainability presentation competition. I learnt important skills like doing efficient research, organising my presentation, and also presentation skills like body language and projection of voice. A big reason why I was so engaged is that I feel the topic is very relevant to us. By finding solutions and showing them to the world, I feel like I'm contributing to the world, even if they are just theories.”  -  KS4 pupil, winner of Kew the question: Sustainability

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