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Challenges and Resources

Endeavour has everything teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons about plant science and the environment.

What is an Endeavour challenge?

Our Endeavour challenges develop pupils’ scientific knowledge over a series of lessons. 

Each challenge has a set of interactive resources to introduce a topic to pupils.  

Pupils can take the challenge alone, in groups, in class or as a homework activity. 

Try an Endeavour challenge and take your pupils on a plant hunter expedition, an investigation into plants used in medicine, an exploration of habitats under threat… and much, much more.   

Endeavour Competition Challenges 

Keep an eye out for our Endeavour Competition Challenges, which give you the chance to win £1000 to spend on science resources for your school. Find details on how to enter the competition on the challenge page.

Explore our taster resources

Quick activities, videos and teaching resources - easy to download and use in your lessons. Or sign up for free to access all our challenges and resources.

KS2 Time to grow - life cycle card match

Invite pupils to learn more about the different stages in a plant’s life cycle with this

pollination and seed dispersal, plant science
Card match
KS 2

KS3 Time to grow - Photosynthesis infographic

Invite your pupils to explore photosynthesis with this infographic.

photosynthesis, plant reproduction
KS 3

KS5 Evolve and adapt speciation infographic

Recap on speciation, including allopatric and sympatric, with this infographic.

evolution and adaptation, environment, climate change
KS 5

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