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Science club

Endeavour challenges feature a handful of short activities that are perfect for science clubs.
Pupils using microscope


Before you start

  • Select an Endeavour challenge – many challenges have been adapted across Key Stages, so will  be suitable for a mixed-age group.
  • Decide how long your sessions will be. The suggested schedule below assumes that you have 45min – 1 hour per session. 
  • Are you doing a competition challenge? If so, remember to submit your pupils work for a chance to win £1,000 for your school!

Weekly schedule (45min – 1 hour session)

Week 1 Watch and Learn – use the watch and learn films to find out what pupils already know, and get them thinking around the subject.

Week 2 Watch and Learn – continue with introductory activities. Introduce the challenge – let pupils know what their challenge is, and get them to start planning their work.

Week 3 Take the challenge – pupils work on their challenge

Week 4 Take the challenge – pupils work on their challenge

Week 5 Showcasing their work – pupils show their work to each other, and discuss how they found the challenge. If you’ve chosen a competition challenge, you could use this session to discuss which piece of work to enter.