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Plant sorting activity

Resource overview

10-15 mins
Assess your pupils' learning with a sorting activity using foraged plant material

Topics covered

plant science, living things and their habitats

How to use this resource

  1. Take your pupils for a walk either in your school grounds or a local park or greenspace. 

  2. Collect a variety of plant material (only things that have already fallen to the ground – remind your pupils not to pick anything that is growing!) 

  3. After collecting the materials they can be sorted by the pupils (either outdoors or back in the classroom) by part of the plant (root, stem, flower, leaf etc). 

  4.  Ask the pupils if there were any parts they did not find.  Ask why that might be.  Roots are underground and flowers/leaves might grow in a different season. 


Looking at the stages of a plant’s life cycle can help us identify the season; through new plants emerging from the ground, flower buds appearing and opening, seeds and fruits growing or leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. 


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