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Card sort

Plant evolution timeline

Resource overview

KS 2
10-15 mins
Invite pupils to learn more about the different stages in the history of plant evolution with this card sort activity.

Topics covered

living things and their habitats, evolution and adaptation

How to use this resource

  1. Display the activity on your whiteboard for a whole class approach or print for pupils to work independently
  2. Ask pupils to complete the activity in groups of 3-6
  3. Encourage groups to feedback to the class, you can use the teacher’s answer sheet for more information


Plants have been on Earth for much longer than animals and over time the process of evolution by natural selection has led to over 390, 000 different species of plants. These plants have a huge variety of adaptations to survive in the different habitats they live in. However, the Earth’s climate is rapidly changing and soon these habitats may be very different. What adaptations will plants in the future need to be able to compete successfully and reproduce? 

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