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Why do plants matter?

Resource overview

KS 1
Why are plants so important? Introduce your pupils to the ways plants help us and why we need to protect them with this ‘Watch and learn’ video.

Topics covered

materials, plant science, living things and their habitats

How to use this resource

  1. Play the ‘Watch and learn’ video with your class
  2. Pause at questions for pupils to discuss and feedback



We all rely on plants – we couldn’t exist without them. Plants give us food, medicines, clothes, products and even the clean air that we breathe! However, our plants are in danger. As the planet is being harmed, plants are dying and some species will be lost forever. When we talk about saving wildlife, most people think of animals like giant pandas or tigers, not plants. How can we make sure that everyone knows about how special plants are so they can help to save them? 


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