Investigate plant pathogens and diseases

We've teamed up with Kew's UK Ash Collecting Project to bring your key stage 4 and 5 pupils Endeavour challenges based on vital real-world research.

How does Endeavour work?

Guide your pupils through an in-depth project exploring plant pathogens and diseases over a series of lessons.

Introduce the topic to pupils with a set of interactive resources, including videos, activities and a quiz.

This will prepare them to take the challenge, which they can do alone, in groups, in class or as a homework activity. 

Win £1000 for your school

We have two Competition Challenges on this topic. Enter our ‘Plant diseases’ competition for key stage 4 pupils or our key stage 5 competition called ‘It’s in the genes’.


What are the challenges?

Key stage 4 pupils will design and complete a plant health survey, then create a report of their investigation.

Key stage 5 pupils will write a review on the role of DNA and the Millennium Seed Bank on the future for ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior).


How do I enter the competition?

Choose the best entry from your class and enter it into the competition to win £1000 for your school to spend on science resources.

Kew's UK Ash Collecting Project

Did you know 2 in 5 plants are threatened with extinction? 

Plant diseases are spreading fast and they are contributing to a decline in many plant species. One of these diseases is ash dieback, caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.   

Kew is helping to identify trees that display tolerance to ash dieback and ensure this genetic diversity is preserved to help fight against this deadly disease.

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