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This is Kew. Bringing plant science to life.

Endeavour has everything teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons about plant science and the environment. Join a community of over 7,000 teachers already using free Endeavour resources in their schools.

Endeavour is packed with innovative teaching resources and curriculum-aligned activities for pupils of all ages. Created for schools by experts and teachers at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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What happens to plants in different seasons?

Invite pupils to explore how plants change across the four seasons with this discussion

seasons, plant science
Discussion cards

What are the parts of a plant?

Invite pupils to put the parts of the plant in the correct place to make an entire plant

plant science, living things and their habitats
KS 1

What is pollination and seed dispersal?

Invite your pupils to explore the basics of pollination and seed dispersal.

pollination and seed dispersal, plant science, living things and their habitats
KS 2

What is photosynthesis?

Invite your pupils to explore photosynthesis with this infographic.

photosynthesis, plant reproduction
KS 3

What is speciation?

Recap on speciation, including allopatric and sympatric, with this infographic.

evolution and adaptation, environment, climate change
KS 5

Plant diseases and pest identification guide

Find out how to identify some common plant pests and diseases with this identification

plant health and diseases, field studies, working scientifically
KS 4

What can Endeavour offer your pupils?

Our teaching activities inspire pupils of all ages to...

    learn about the biggest issues facing our planet

    explore plant science

    develop problem-solving and scientific enquiry skills

    understand the work of Kew’s scientists

    90% of teachers who use Endeavour report that it helps pupils increase their knowledge of plants and conservation.

    Inspire your pupils with our career cards

    Learn about the working lives of Kew’s scientists and horticulturists. Free to download and display in your school. 

    Nina Davies

    Senior Curator-Botanist

    Lee Davies

    Fungarium Collections Curator

    Alex Antonelli

    Director of Science