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KS4 Plant diseases watch and learn

Resource overview

KS 4
10 mins
Introduce your pupils to plant health with this ‘Watch and learn’ video.

Topics covered

plant health and diseases, conservation and sustainability

How to use this resource

1. Play the ‘Watch and learn’ video with your class

2. Pause at questions for pupils to discuss and feedback


Two in five plants are now estimated to be threatened with extinction. Plant diseases are spreading fast and they are contributing to a decline in many plant species. One of these diseases is ash dieback, caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.   

Find out about the devastating effect this pathogen is having on our ash trees and discover how Kew is helping to identify trees that display tolerance to ash dieback and ensure this genetic diversity is preserved to help fight against this deadly disease. 

Get more out of this resource by starting the challenge

Give your Key Stage 4 pupils a challenge to address plant diseases and complete their own plant health survey.

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