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KS4 Photosynthesis power - quiz

Resource overview

KS 4
Test your pupils' knowledge of photosynthesis with this quiz.

Topics covered

photosynthesis, plant science

How to use this resource

  1. Display the quiz on your whiteboard for a whole class approach or print for pupils to work independently. 
  2. Use the teacher’s answer sheet for more information. 


Plants are producers – they make their own food using light, water and carbon dioxide and by doing so are the building blocks for life on Earth, providing food for other living organisms. 

Ideally plants would always have a constant supply of light, water and carbon dioxide and the temperature would remain at the optimum level for photosynthesis. However, for most plants it’s likely that conditions will not always be ideal.  

What is the effect on the rate of photosynthesis if one of these factors is limited?  

Get more out of this resource by starting the challenge

Give your key stage 4 pupils a challenge to investigate the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis.

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