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KS3 Mars mission useful and harmful fungi card sort

Resource overview

KS 3
10-15 mins
Invite pupils to learn more about harmful and useful fungi with this card sort activity.

Topics covered

fungi, environment

How to use this resource

  1. Display the activity on your whiteboard for a whole class approach or print for pupils to work independently

  2. Ask pupils to complete the activity in groups of 3-4

  3. Encourage groups to feedback to the class. You can use the teacher’s answer sheet for more information


In the future there may be human settlements on Mars. This will be a challenging process.  

How will the settlers be able to grow food, make products, heal illnesses and injuries?  

Decisions will have to be made about what can initially be brought from Earth in order to make the colonisation successful. 

Should fungi be included in the initial colonisation? 

Get more out of this resource by starting the challenge

Give your key stage 3 pupils a challenge to investigate the pros and cons of fungi on a mission to colonize Mars.

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